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Not Mine to Love

Image from Pinterest
Music Bed by: Music_For_Videos “Hopeful Piano”

It’s painful…

Almost unbearable

but my heart still follows you.

Day after day

with nothing to say,

if only you knew.

I play along

like nothing’s wrong,

burying this secret within.

But the time will come

when all is said and done

as I watch you walk away again.

Words unsaid

will be my greatest regret.

My heart knows what it wants

but deep down, I can’t let it have it.

The flower that my heart flutters to,

is out of reach by a simple truth.


Why must it be you?

A guy like me can dream, right?!

Maybe I could cast my fear aside

when I’m an arm’s length away

from my new life.

I’d grab your hand

and pull you close,

taking us both by surprise.

I’ll tell you everything

that I’ve kept to myself

as I get lost in those eyes.

Please forgive me

for being so forward

but you just had to know.

If it’s meant to be

then hold me tight

and promise you’ll never let go.

I know that won’t happen.

Who am I kidding?

Someone like you with me?

I’ll just go my own way

but from a distance

I can still admire your beauty.

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A very special “Thank You” to ArcDreamer for collaborating with me to make this possible!

Take care and may the creative winds blow in your favor! ~John


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  1. […] I have to share the great work of a great word magician!Was blessed to do a collaboration on this work, and might I add – I am truly grateful for the opportunity! I was nervous as heck, but I am thankful for everything here!Now,for all those who are in dire interest – here is the collab work : […]

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