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Literary Pianist

Image from the anime: Violet Evergarden by Chang Chun Mao
Music bed by: ZakharValaha “Angel Piano”

Among the many hues of morning,
black and white are all that’s in front of me.

Thisincessant tappingcan be too tediousthisearly

And not before long,
the tapping…turn into notes…
followed by a subtle tone—
one I’m familiar with and somehow know.

I can’t tell you what I’m writing. It feels like…I’m on stage, you know…performing.
And that’s when I hear it—a gentle voice I’ve been waiting for.
It’s just as angelic, if not more.
No longer deafened by fear,
I continue to play what I hear.

Days I thought were gone still have their melody.
My Childhood dream within reach.
Imagination finally freed.

I can feel the words I want to say.
I don’t know why I hid them away.
Was it wrong of me to hold them back—
lacking the courage of their talent perhaps?

Time to toss caution to the wind.
I don’t know when it’ll be back again.
And for the moment, I can let go
of all the archived secrets within my soul.

Four…five… and six…

Everything soon turns back into silence.

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Thank You and may your week be wonderful and creative! ~John


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